Car Servicing

Car Servicing

In automotive repairing and car servicing industry, it is all about mechanical skills expertise. Iceman Radiators and Air-conditioning has a team of efficient and skilled people who are expert enough in handling all kinds of vehicle related issues. We assure you an elevated quality of workmanship here, which you can rely on, regardless of being worried about your vehicle model. Whether your vehicle is family car, van, sports car, commercial use, or fleet car, we provide you services within reasonable rates. Our service quality is unmatchable so every time you come to us you will be amazed with the kind of quality we have to offer.

We cover several areas in car servicing including heating, cooling, brakes, steering, suspension, belts, hoses, diagnostics and system evaluation. Battery testing, safety inspection and adjustment of handbrakes are also done when you are travelling far away. Therefore, we offer you different service packages, which do not upset you about rates as packages are set as per our clients’ demands. Our team provides services after 5,000 Km, 15,000 Km, 30,000 Km, 50,000 Km and 80,000 Km. According to distance, amount of services with each package vary. We also give a chance to get your desired package book now, so you can enjoy this facility whenever you want to.

Throughout the Croydon, we are the only vehicle service providers, which you can rely on in terms of parts, supply and servicing. Replacement of spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter and brake fluid are also available and included in services in 80,000 Km service package. You can also hire us for regular maintenance of your vehicle and if you are our regular client, you can avail special discount from us. On the other hand, when you are in trouble of deciding whether you should repair a faulty part or replace it, Iceman is there to provide you consultancy of our highly efficient and professional workers.

As we have been working in the vehicle repair industry for the last many years, we decided to provide our clients with a better way to access us. Therefore, we established an online presence for the convenience of our customers so that we can stay in touch with them. Not only this, we also respect our clients’ criticism, and therefore we always welcome our clients’ suggestions and advise in order to make our services better. For that, you can simply drop us an e-mail and we will surely respond to you.


At Iceman Radiator’s Automotive Repairs & Mechanical Car Services in Croyon, we know what it means to provide the type of personalised car service and mechanical repair care that you can rely on.

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Iceman Radiators & Air Conditioning provide the best air conditioning work and radiator repairs in Melbourne. We provide our customers with high-quality repairs and great customer service.



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