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When it comes to dependable auto air conditioning and mechanical repair services, Wonga Park customers don’t have to look further than the team here at Iceman Radiators.

With an experience of 15 years in the radiator industry, we know all about them as well as other automotive services. For a professional and friendly service, come to Iceman. Our specialty services include:

Our skilled and friendly team shares years of industry experience, and can provide a comprehensive and cost-effective service that is tailored to suit the demands of the job at hand. Whether they need a reliable radiator repair solution, or a car air conditioning service, vehicle owners across Wonga Park and the surrounding areas can visit Iceman Radiators.

We’re proud to be the go-to name for top-to-bottom car repairs and services in Wonga Park and throughout the surrounding suburbs. No matter how big or small the issue with your vehicle might be, you can be sure our qualified and knowledgeable team will be able to deliver an affordable solution that will leave you with lasting results and an unbeatable value for money. Whether it’s your car’s radiator that’s beginning to show its age, or the heater isn’t quite up to the task of keeping you comfortable on a winter drive, we have the solution and service you need.

Car Mechanic Wonga Park

Wonga Park drivers need a smooth ride, and we at Iceman, will ensure that you get one without any hassle. Since car repair is an extensive and technical work, there is a high risk of being embezzled. If you come to us, we will provide realistic and honest quotes that can compete with any other service in the area. Our service is reliable and our staff very amiable. We are constantly working to upgrade our equipment and knowledge of new cars and their makes, so that when you come to us with a problem, we can take care of it right away. We cater to family cars, company cars, commercial cars/vans, fleet cars, sports cars and RUV’s (including 4WDs). With 15 years of experience and a reputation that precedes us, you will not find a better car service than Iceman.

Radiator Repair Wonga Park

Wonga Parkers, do you need a top-notch cooling service for your car? Are you afraid overheating will fry your truck? Come to Iceman because we are now in your vicinity. For a quick service in cleaning, re-coring, changeovers, repairs, supply or installation of radiators, water pumps, thermostats or hoses, come to the radiator king, Iceman. Cars or trucks, no matter what kind or make, come to us for a customized service and we will not disappoint you.

Our radiator repair services provide Wonga Park customers with lasting results and unbeatable value for money

Auto Air Conditioning Wonga Park

Wonga Park dwellers, your automotive air conditioner and heater problems will now be conveniently solved. Most standard car logbook services do not include instructions for air conditioners and therefore, this equipment is mostly neglected when it requires most attention. If you want to have a comfortable environment while driving and also want to have a healthy and clean interior for your car, come to Iceman for air conditioner and heater servicing as well as de-gassing re-gassing and repairs. In case a replacement is required because a part is beyond repair, then our well-stocked spare parts will do the job just fine.

We also run diagnostic tests for your car and equipment so you stave off any problems before they worsen. Be it Schraeder valves; drier filters or even evaporator servicing, no job is too hard for us. Call us for our expert opinion and we will ensure an excellent service for your car!

For all enquiries regarding our general car services, as well as our in-demand air conditioning services, customers can call the Iceman Radiator team on 03 9723 6688.

Radiator Repair & Air Conditioning Wonga Park

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Iceman Radiators & Air Conditioning provide the best air conditioning work and radiator repairs in Melbourne. We provide our customers with high-quality repairs and great customer service.



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