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Due to the fact that we are the best when it comes to servicing air conditioners and radiators, we decided to expand the services that we offer in air conditioning and heating repair. While we are caring for your vehicle, we take the tank away from the radiator and rods and tubes in a very careful manner. To get rid of debris, we also power flush the core. Then we resolder the tank onto the radiator core again. Our main services that we provide are cleaning out, putting the core back in, repairing, and replacing of the parts. If you are not happy with our services, we also provide complimentary compensation services as well.

Radiator Experts

Purchasing a car in this day and age is a process that baffles the mind and one that takes a lot of time as well. With the number of cars on the market regularly being on the rise, people looking to buy a car have a lot to choose from. Even though it means that is not easy for a customer to be taken advantage of, the great amount of choices makes it very difficult for them to decide what car they want to buy. The offers and schemes that car dealerships put out there can make this decision a bit easier. Some of the things that customers need to discuss with their car dealership are what will happen after they buy a car from them. Will they provide service and maintenance to the car after they buy it? That is one of the most difficult parts of owning a new car.

Cars are high maintenance products that need to be serviced regularly in order to function properly. Breakdowns and repairs are all part of keeping and maintaining a car. They are no new stories for car owners. The more a break down or a small issue in a car is delayed, the more its repair cost will rise. Thus it is extremely crucial for all car owners to know a proper mechanic especially radiator experts. Radiator repair can be tricky, which is why picking the right radiator service is often a challenge.

Radiator Repair & Service

After you find the right business to service your radiator in Melbourne, then the job is already half completed. Repairing radiators in Melbourne is something that is very popular due to the fact that many people are in need of this type of service for their vehicle. When you come to us at Iceman Radiators, you can be assured that your vehicle is in the best hands possible. A lot of businesses that claim to have the best services available. However, there are not many that actually have the perfection and skills that are necessary for the majority of cases.

The best way to find an effective radiator service is to engage with the radiator repair service and look into if the business is able to provide the proper advice that you have been in search of. For example, if you are in search of a second hand car radiator in Melbourne, an expert needs to advise you if whether or not it is effective. Car experts can tell you exactly what the car is in need of in a very timely manner due to the fact that have dealt with this situation many times in the past.

Second Hand Radiators in Melbourne

At Iceman Radiators, we are experienced enough to repair the toughest of radiators. Every car needs a radiator that works properly. A radiator not only removes the extra heat from the engine of car, but it also heats the inside of a vehicle. Sometimes even a regular cooling system or maintenance can cause damage to the inside of a car’s engine by preventing the unnecessary loss of coolant which will make the car get too hot. Therefore, the radiator is very essential to the operating of a vehicle.

Here are some of the things that may cause a malfunctioning radiator:

  • A leaking radiator hose
  • A leaking radiator
  • Air in cooling system
  • Faulty solders
  • Damaged water pump
  • Inaccurate thermostat
  • Damaged radiator fan
  • Rust in your radiator

Clean Outs

Part of the work that we do on radiators is replacing the old cores with new ones. We can do this easily, because we stock cores and radiators on-hand. We can provide a brand new or refurbished radiator if needed. Since we understand that the radiator market is always changing, it is our recommendation that you put an aluminum or plastic radiator in your vehicle. We have both of them in stock and we repair as well as replace car radiators.


At Iceman Radiators and Air Conditioning, we take care of trucks as well. Our experienced team of radiator experts can take on the larger truck radiator. From cleaning out to re-coring and from repairing to changeovers, we can deal with the issues in every type of truck model. We also have a responsible and responsive team of engineers, that always stay up-to-date about the always changing trends in car/truck radiator and air conditioning market.

Change Overs

We have a clear and defined process when it comes to payment because we do not have any hidden fees in our charges for the services that we provide. Our fees are very reasonable for the quality of service that we provide for our customers. We have knowledge of both the old and modern trends of the vehicle/AC field. If you are in need of our services, just call us or send us an email so we can respond to your questions and requests as quickly as possible.

Radiators & Heaters

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Iceman Radiators & Air Conditioning provide the best air conditioning work and radiator repairs in Melbourne. We provide our customers with high-quality repairs and great customer service.



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