Electrical Diagnostics

Electrical Diagnostics

The electrical system of a car is a complex network that is in need of specialized diagnostic equipment for comprehensive servicing. Our technicians can access the data of your vehicle with diagnostics and find out exactly what electrical problems you’re experiencing.

Taking care of your car’s electrical system is very important to the health of your car. The electrical system in your car powers its alternator, battery, and starter. Every vehicle has a different electrical system based on how old it is, as well as its make and model. Some newer cars have a complex computer system that interacts with vehicle functions such as sensors, brakes, steering, etc. Our experienced technicians have advanced diagnostic technology that can determine what problems are going on with your car’s electrical system when it is having electrical issues.

There are quite a few signs that can indicate that something is wrong with your car’s electrical system. If, when you go to start your vehicle, you hear a clicking or grinding sound or no sound at all, it is time for you to call us at Iceman Radiators and have us check out your vehicle’s electrical system. Since the average lifespan of a car battery is three to six years, it is a good idea for you to replace your car battery every four years, just to play it safe.

If your vehicle’s dashboard lights do not light up as they should, its electrical system is probably failing. Another sign that your car may be having an electrical problem is if its headlights go dark when you drive at low speeds.

To diagnose an electrical problem with your vehicle, our technicians look at its battery, the condition of its case, and the integrity will determine if it is putting out the amount of power that it should. If the integrity of the battery has been compromised, then you need to purchase a new battery for your vehicle. You can ensure that your vehicle’s battery, adjoining cables, and its sensitive electronics are operating as they should by having our technicians look at its electrical system.

Electrical Diagnostics

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