Brake Repairs & Servicing

Servicing your brakes, to keep you safe

At Iceman Radiators, our services include all the brake repairs and servicing that your car will need. We repair and service drum brakes and disc brakes, calipers, rotors, as well as brake shoes and pads. Our experienced and highly trained staff know all about the different brake systems and can perform brake inspections and replacement of the brake pads on all vehicles. This includes cars that come with anti-lock brake systems.

Brake Inspections

During your car’s brake inspection, we will take a good look at its systems lining and its other main components. Our service recommendations will be based on your car manufacturer’s recommendations and what condition the brake components are in.

Brake Repair

If your brakes are in need of repair, you do not need to look any further for the right repairman. We have a certified brake technician that does every brake repair.

Brake Fluid Exchange

Our technicians can tell you if your car is in need of a brake fluid exchange, based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. If it is needed, we will take out the old brake fluid and replace it with that will meet or exceed your car’s manufacturer’s recommendations.

Brake Repairs & Servicing

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