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When we service your vehicle’s air conditioner, we take out all the gas from the system. We carefully check all of the faults and put in new seals to replace the ones that quit working. We also replace the O-rings. After we make sure there is nothing else wrong with your air conditioning system, we then replace the gas in it. Our skilled crew stays up-to-date on the latest technological changes in the air conditioning field. Therefore, our customers get the most up-to-date repairs and service on their vehicle’s air conditioners and radiators.

The most up-to-date vehicles have OZONE SAFE 134A refrigerant, while the air conditioners in older cars have OZONE depleting R12 refrigerant. Manufacturers have strict guidelines when it comes to working on these air conditioners. We can fix the older vehicles air conditioning systems by finding out what technical problems that they are having. We can also fix and replace faulty hoses, condensers, compressors, and general fittings. It is important that you know that TX valves and receiver dryers cannot be repaired. Due to the fact that we have in stock almost every part of a vehicle’s air conditioner, there isn’t any problem that our team can’t fix.

The car A/C system’s most essential part is the evaporator. Its position is behind the dashboard and along the heater. When it is out of order, the whole dashboard needs to be removed in order to access the evaporator. This part either has to be replaced or it is repaired by Iceman Air conditioning and Radiators. Our company is fully capable of handling the issues related with the vehicle A/C system, as we have competent and efficient team.

At Iceman Air conditioning and Radiators, you will see that we have a friendly team. Our staff members strive to assist you to fix all the concerns that you may have with your vehicle, as well instructing you about how to take care of your vehicle’s radiator and air-conditioning system. Among other similar in our industry, we are thought of being more trustworthy and a promising service provider, which is due to our exceptional staff and knowledge. For your convenience, you can email us or call us or stop by and see us in person.

 Air Conditioning & Cooling

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Iceman Radiators & Air Conditioning provide the best air conditioning work and radiator repairs in Melbourne. We provide our customers with high-quality repairs and great customer service.



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