Auto Air Conditioning & Radiator Repair in Croydon

Having been in business for 15 years, our highly trained and professional staff has garnered a reputation of excellence and integrity in Croydon. Iceman specialises in the following services:

Automotive Radiators and Heaters Service Croydon

When it comes to servicing your automotive radiators and heaters, look no further in Croydon. Iceman will do the job for you in the best possible way, be it cars or trucks. We perform cleaning services, re-coring, changeover and repairs for almost all kinds of cars, especially those with plastic and aluminium radiators. We even supply and fit water pumps and thermostats. Trust no one but Iceman to pamper your car and provide you a smooth long journey for a long time to come.

Auto Air Conditioning Croydon

Air conditioning and heating functions of a car are the most important ones. Even a smooth ride may not be appreciated if the temperature is not well-maintained in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, come to Iceman for the servicing of your car’s air conditioner; de-gassing or re-gassing. If your air conditioner or heater requires repair, we will do the job for you. If a part cannot be repaired, then we will replace it with a new one. We stock a large number of air conditioner parts for such use.

Evaporator servicing is also very tricky and labour-some because of where it is installed. It cannot be repaired, and hence, has to be replaced. We, at Iceman, will give you our expert opinion to handle this part for long-term utility of the same. Cars these days come with very stringent guidelines to handle the sensitive parts of air conditioners and heaters. When in Croydon, trust no one but Iceman to handle your air conditioner with utmost care.

Car Mechanic Services Croydon

Car servicing is an extensive service; there is a lot of room in this service for a person to be scammed into paying more than the due amount. If you are in Croydon, then avoid being ripped off and come to Iceman. We provide personalized service to all our customers for automotive repairs and car service. Our car mechanics are highly trained and they are known to stay abreast of all kinds of cars, their service and repairs. We have advanced equipment and skills to cater to all your automotive needs. No matter what car it is, be it a family car, company car, commercial cars/vans, fleet cars, sports cars and RUV’s (including 4WD), we will have the perfect solution for its servicing. We have different packages for the service required, depending on the miles it has done to date. You can count on us for our workmanship, expertise and customer service.

For Croydon traders, we can pick up the vehicles for radiator repair and also deliver locally. We can even make a visit to your workshop to re-gas your customer ACs.

The Sought-After Name for Car Services in Croydon

For tried and tested radiator repairs and car services, Croydon customers know they can always count on the team here at Iceman Radiators. Our team has years of shared experience behind them, and we are proud to be recognised as a trusted and leading name in the industry.

All of our professional and proven services, such as car air conditioning maintenance, are affordably priced, meaning we can offer repair and replacement services for customers working with any budget.

We have solutions to get your car heater or radiator back in working order, as well as in-demand auto air conditioning solutions that will help you to stay comfortable during the longest summer drives.

So whether you’re on the hunt for a second-hand radiator for your vehicle, comprehensive mechanical repairs to get you back on the road sooner, or tailored car air conditioning services, you can be sure to find the help you need right here at Iceman Radiators. Give us a call today on 03 9723 6688.



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